With the new SCT current converters, Beckhoff completes the power measurement chain that now ranges from measuring the physical value to transmitting the captured data to the cloud. The portfolio of current transformers covers all applications for currents ranging from 1 A to 5,000 A with a choice of ring-type and split-core devices as well as 3-phase current transformer sets.
With its SCT current transformers, Beckhoff makes it possible to implement reliable power sensor technology directly in the field as an integrated component of the PC-based control technology. Users can select from two device types, each available in various designs and performance categories that are highly scalable and therefore suitable for a great variety of applications.
The SCT portfolio is extremely broad, ranging from low-cost 3-phase CT sets for building technology and standard industrial transformers for machines through to solutions for inspection and test stands with extra-high accuracy requirements.
The choice of product category depends on the type of use. While ring-type transformers are predestined for cost-effective and accurate data acquisition in new installations, the easy-to-install split-core CTs provide the ideal solution for trouble-free retrofit solutions. With either solution, the integrated power measurement chain from the sensor to the cloud simplifies energy management and opens the door to improving the availability of machines and systems.
Continuous, system-integrated power measurement allows users to perform extensive inline analyses, for example, to detect deviations early in time and take quick corrective action in order to minimize downtime.

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