The coronavirus and other diseases are highly infectious and transferred by sick people or contaminated objects. Globally, aircraft are one way that this virus is quickly exported worldwide. China, the epicenter of the 2019/20 coronavirus outbreak, has more than 200 airports, making it an international challenge to detect and prevent sick people flying and reaching and transmitting the virus to unaffected areas and countries.
Virus epidemics like the Swine influenza in 2009/2010 and the Ebola virus disease in 2014, created a worldwide demand for suitable screening techniques allowing fast, non-contact detection of passengers with potential fever. Instrotech, local representative of Optris – leading manufacturers of non-contact temperature measurement devices – has on offer Optris’ fever inspection system, purpose designed for this application. The software works discreetly, highlighting passengers whose skin temperature exceeds the predefined value (38,3C). A visual alarm alerts airport employees to identify and possibly isolate these passengers from other passengers, so that a medical examination can be carried out. The software also offers an automatic IR image snapshot, when the alarm is tripped, if required.
Installation of the Optris system; the Xi400 infrared camera and its extensive software package, is easy. It can be repositioned and set up in minimum time and is password protected to prevent unauthorized access. A reference radiator, built into the infrared camera, allows automatic and constant IR calibration of the camera itself. The temperature resolution of 0.1 °C detects the smallest of temperature variances.

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