Even extremely small quantities of low viscosity and translucent fluids can be reliably measured and monitored with an impeller flow meter. Kobold’s flowmeter DPL is specifically designed to measure and monitor liquids. Its compact design is perfect for use in equipment where space is at a premium. Made of high-grade plastic, DPL has a very low wear-rate, as the rotations of the sapphire mounted impeller are sensed without contact by optoelectronics working with infra-red light.
The connection to the process can be made with hose sleeves or ½ “connection threads. With an Enclosure Class of IP 65, the DPL flow meters are ideally designed for rough industrial use on site. There is also a choice of five different measurement ranges from 0.025 … 0.5 L/min up to 1 … 25 L/min.
DPL’s significant characteristics:
• Linearity: ± 1 %
• Pressure max: 10 bar; Temp max: 70 °C
• Viscosity range: low viscous
• Connection: G ½ male, hose connector
• Material of case: PP
• Output: pulse
• Without magnets or metal parts
• Medium: infrared light transmissive
DPL finds application in machinery and plant building, the flow meters are ideal for monitoring or dosing problematic (even non-conductive) media such as distilled water, fuel, alcohol or special chemical compounds. Also, in low viscosity liquids, non-conductive liquids, volume dosing with external electronics, filter aid and the beverage industry. There is a choice of different frequency or analog outputs for measurements. Additional evaluating electronics with analog or digital display or switching outputs round off this comprehensive range.

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