The range of functions of the proven process and program controller Jumo Dicon Touch, has been extended with numerous new features. Extensive control tasks can be implemented via four instead of two control channels. Several control zones can then be managed on a space-saving manner using just one device.
Up to four user-programmable process screens enable individual visualisations, fast access to process states, and simple as well as straightforward operation.
The Dicon Touch offers the right solution even for complex applications with the function extension to 16 math and logic formulas as well as four timers. Even extensive time-controlled processes can be implemented with a high degree of flexibility in the new version via 32 user programs and 16 operating contacts.
In addition, the integrated function offers sustainable and tamper-proof data acquisition of eight analog and 16 digital values.
The Dicon Touch can be individually adapted to the respective requirements with the control algorithm, the modular structure, as well as the communication possibilities via the interfaces USB host, USB device, RS422/485 Modbus master or slave, Profibus DP, Ethernet and Profinet IO device.

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