Instrotech is offering the latest in conductive level switches, Kobold’s NEK, a complete, functional unit that reliably monitors the limit level of conductive media, even under heavy process conditions.

Whether used for monitoring chemical or fresh water tanks, mixing vessels or for run-dry protection in pumps, the conductive level switches type NEK more than meet the demand for efficient and cost-effective measurement technology.

The compact, space-saving but robust design means the devices can be integrated perfectly into existing industrial processes.

The compact NEK device is designed as a complete functional unit that can be screwed into a tank. The compact housing with process connection has a hexagon and male thread for installation. The devices made of Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS), tolerate pressures of up to 20 bar, and those made of Polypropylene (PP), tolerate up to 6 bar. Two electrodes made of stainless steel extend into the process.

As soon as both come into contact with a conductive liquid, the electronics detects it and outputs a corresponding switch signal.
NEK’s main features:

  • Temperature: max. 85 °C
  • Connection: R ¾ or ¾” NPT

Two installation lengths, 36 and 73 mm, can be selected. The installation depth can be adapted individually by means of an additional protection tube. Installation of the device is possible from the top or from the side of the vessel. The protection class is IP 68.


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