The Control Roadshow provides both visitors and exhibitors with an excellent way to network within their own region, and the chance to understand each other’s requirements and needs.

Visiting different regions throughout South Africa (and Namibia), the events are one day only and run from 11h00 to 17h00

  • View and discuss the latest equipment, technical developments and business opportunities in automation that fuel innovation and growth. Keep yourself up to date.
  • Network with your industry colleagues.
  • Source new suppliers.
  • Witness the launch of new products and services.
  • Evaluate products and suppliers – you get competitive information about a wide range of products and suppliers in a short space of time.
  • Compare and discuss specific issues, features, prices and conditions.
  • Look for specific products and services.
  • Find information to solve specific problems.
  • Learn – The Control Roadshow is a great place to extend and deepen your knowledge.
  • Gather suggestions regarding your own business e.g. product and design
  • Network – The Control Roadshow provides a unique venue for people with common interests to connect personally with one another.
  • Meet colleagues from your own industry

Attendance and registration are free, and we encourage you to pre-register.

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