The Control Roadshow is aimed primarily at the Industrial Instrumentation & Control and Automation market place, providing a networking forum for suppliers and end users. The perfect platform for instrumentation evaluation.

The show moves between industrial centres around South Africa on a routine basis and beyond the borders on specific projects if commercially viable.

The format of the show is kept simple in that all stands are restricted to a 4 meter by 2 meter area and the exhibitors are free to utilize this space as they choose without interfering with other exhibitors.

While the goal is to always place each exhibitor against a backing wall or screen surface, side screen walls on the stand space are not used in this format of exhibition. The organisers provide all exhibitors at each stand with two trestle tables and two chairs, table cloths and a single power socket : single-phase.

Visitor promotion to these exhibitions is carried out in various ways:
Prior to the event, visitors are encouraged to pre-register online. On the day of the event, registrations are gathered at the door. This registration list is the core value of the event and is controlled very carefully. To add value for the exhibitors, the lists are circulated back to exhibiting companies only for the specific event they participated in. These lists have and never will be sold on or rented for unsolicited promotions.
The shows are promoted via advertisements in the What’s New in Processing magazine.
An electronic invitation is compiled and circulated to exhibiting companies at least one month before the event. They are encouraged to distribute the invitation via their databases.
A bulk personalised email invitation is distributed to the organisers’ existing databases.
Social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook are also utilised.
Bellville, Civic Centre, 26 January 2017
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Position 9
R5000  - 2 month period
1186 x 190 Px
Position 10
R2000 - 2 month period
280 x 210 Px
Position 11
R2000 - 2 month period
280 x 210 Px
Position 12
R2000 - 2 month period
280 x 210 Px
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